The Plain Vanilla Company Secretary Services

Planillacs is the abbreviation of Plain Vanilla Company Secretary Services

Core business is company secretary services for incorporation and maintenance of Hong Kong companies. We have tailor made full services as well as library of documents necessary for self-services for these administrative tasks. 

Set Up Procedure

Setting up a company in Hong Kong typically only takes two weeks:

Step 1:

The process start with providing basic information of company and making down payment of HK$500 to Planillacs.

Step 2:

Planillacs will reach out to you the next business day to finalise a suitable solution.

Step 3: 

Invoice as well as a set of registration documents will be sent to you for signatories. 

Step 4:

Constitutional documents as well as stationaries will be sent to you one week after collection of signed registration documents and receipt of full payment.



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