The Plain Vanilla Company Secretary Services

Planillacs is the abbreviation of Plain Vanilla Company Secretary Services

Core business is company secretary services for incorporation and maintenance of Hong Kong companies. We have tailor made full services as well as library of documents necessary for self-services for these administrative tasks. 

Topics on Company Incorporation

  • How much are the government fees for setting up a Hong Kong company?

A: On top of the service fees payable to Planillacs, there are government fees of HKD3,970 in total. 

  • How do I make payments to Planillacs?

A: Payments to Planillacs can be made via Cash, Check, Bank Transfer and Paypal (accepts also Visa and Master). Please refer to Payment Methods for detail.

  • So how much really do I need to spend up front when I set up a company?

A: The basic expense to incorporate a Hong Kong limited company is HK$5,860 (inclusive of government fees and Planillacs' charge for electronic incorporation). However, depending on your budget and required level of sophistication, total cost varies. We have worked out several possible solutions for you. Please talk to us and find out what suits you best. 

  • How long does it take to set up a Hong Kong company?

A: Actual incorporation  could be as quick as one hour if it is done via electronic systems. However, the entire process, if we go by the paper application, typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to allow for collection of information from customers as well as signing of documents. 


  • What does a Company Secretary do?

A: A Company Secretary is deemed as the company's main administrative officer. Other than filing changes of the company to Company Registry in a timely manner and keeping proper internal record for future inspections, a Company Registry often deals with issues such as accounting, human resource and banking matters. 



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